A picture is worth a thousand words, and a film even more. HumanLink is making available on video an extensive documentation of their studies, above all from the sector of Etho-Scouting.
Thus excerpts and abstracts can be created for later—custom-tailored and target group-specific—that are informative and entertaining at the same time.


1. India between tradition and progress
These film images emerged within the framework of a research assignment by Volkswagen AG. They show Indian living environments at the interface between yesterday and tomorrow.
2. The Dome, Hanover, May 2007
Sponsoring within the framework of pop concerts like “The Dome” is intensely experienced by visitors and judged positively on the whole. An overview.
3. The television viewer—the unknown entity
TV program makers are surprised time and again by how alleged top productions fall flat and trash programs draw viewers. Interviews look into this phenomenon.
4. Whetting the appetite for pleasure
Consumers become enthused more easily at trade fairs than they do in shops. Exhibitors and visitors at a consumer trade fair tell us why.




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